About Us

AN AGILE Approach to the Law

Brewer Law LLC was founded with the idea of making business and legal services accessible, adaptive and highly responsive.  We work to craft unique legal solutions for every client matter and are constantly adapting our practice to changes in the marketplace.  Brewer Law LLC also strives to build relationships with our clients with a goal of obtaining a general understanding of our clients' needs beyond basic legal theory.  We adapt our practice to best suit our clients; for example, we prefer to make "house calls" instead of requiring clients to meet us in one of our locations.  By understanding our clients' environment, meeting their employees and even visiting their homes, our representation offers a more nuanced or "tailored" approach as opposed to a mere "off the shelf" treatment.

We also pride ourselves on maintaining highly responsive communications with our clients.  A common client complaint against most lawyers and law firms is the lack of timely communication and responsiveness.  

Education is an important component of our practice mix:  We seek to educate our clients about the various aspects of a legal problem or legal solution.  The best part about this educational component?  It is always offered at no additional charge!

A Community of Professionals for All of Your Legal Needs

Large law firms have an advantage in being able to provide a "full service" practice involving a large number of legal disciplines.  Brewer Law LLC accomplishes the same full service approach through our carefully crafted network of lawyers and other professionals.

Our decentralized approach to law practice provides our clients with the same full service features of a larger firm at a fraction of the cost.  We are also able to refer our clients to a number of highly trained non-legal professionals (accountants, civil engineers, bankers) who complement many of the legal services we provide our clients.