Our Philosophy

AN ADAPTIVE Approach to the Law

Our basic mission is to make business and legal services accessible, adaptive and highly responsive. We design unique legal solutions for every client matter and are constantly adapting our practice to changes in the marketplace. In drafting contracts and other agreements, the “form” approach is secondary to the meaning behind the form. Standard terms and conditions are only used with an understanding or their true meaning and adaptation to a particular client need.

Our firm strives to build relationships with clients by understanding individual client needs beyond legal theory. We adapt our practice to best suit our clients; for example, we often make "house calls" at our clients’ places of work instead of having clients come to us. By understanding our clients' environment, meeting their employees and interfacing with their stakeholders, our representation offers a more tailored approach to the practice of law.


Large law firms have an advantage in being able to provide a "full service" practice involving a large number attorneys working across a broad spectrum of legal disciplines. Brewer Law LLC has engineered the same full service approach by developing a close-knit network of lawyers and other business professionals with a proven record of competency and success. This decentralized approach provides our clients with the same full service features of a larger firm at a fraction of the cost.